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buy n95 mask usa, The number of coronavirus cases in China has now surpassed the number of SARS cases that occurred in mainland China, during the 2002-2003 outbreak. The coronavirus death toll, however, still remains lower. Virologist and professor of microbiology and immunology at Columbia University Vincent Racaniello, PhD, spoke about the virus on Monday and said it differs from SARS in that it's spreading outside of the medical community. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP The coronavirus that caused the 2002-2003 outbreak of SARS was largely spread in health care settings, but the new coronavirus appears to be spreading mainly in communities, he said.

buy n95 mask usa - If that pattern continues, it will be troublesome because community spread is harder to stop than hospital spread. The patterns of infection need to be carefully studied to get this information. It’s possible that the virus will become entrenched in the human population for many years and there will be regular outbreaks. Racaniello also claimed it could take years to produce an effective countermeasure to fight the virus, and said health officials may have to use anti-viral drugs to stem the tide until a more long-term solution can be found.

buy n95 mask usa, Vaccines against the new coronavirus are already being developed, but whether they will be licensed—a process that will take several years—depends on whether the outbreak continues, he added. In the shorter term, it is possible to test whether some existing licensed antiviral drugs are effective against the new coronavirus. If they are, they could be used to treat infected patients, especially older ones in whom the disease is more severe. As of Thursday, at least 170 people have been killed by the virus, while nearly 8,000 have been sickened. Six of those cases were in the United States.

buy n95 mask usa - The World Health Organization defines a global emergency as an extraordinary event that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response. Since it was first reported in China last month, the deadly coronavirus has spread to more than a dozen countries, with more than 7,800 cases reported and 170 deaths. The World Health Organization on Thursday declared the outbreak a global emergency after the number of cases spikes more than tenfold in a week. A man wears a face mask as he stands along the waterfront in Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020.  (AP)

buy n95 mask usa - The U.N. health agency defines an international emergency as an “extraordinary event” that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response. “This virus has spread at unprecedented scale and speed, with cases passing between people in multiple countries across the world,” said Dr. Jeremy Farrar, director of Britain’s Welcome Trust. “It is also a start reminder of how vulnerable we are to epidemics of infectious diseases known and unknown.”