Mask For Virus Protection

mask for virus protection, In addition, because viruses are not able to be treated with antibiotics, the care available for those infected is primarily supportive. Treatment consists of mitigating the symptoms with fluids, anti-viral agents and medications for fever and aches. A vaccine is the best form of care to stop the spread and prevent greater numbers of infections from occurring or spreading. With a new virus, however, developing a vaccine that is safe and effective takes some time. The gene sequence of 2019-nCoV was determined very quickly and the CDC has made that information available to all so that manufacturers can work as rapidly as possible to develop that new vaccine. It is likely that we’ll not have this protection available until late summer or early fall at the very earliest.

mask for virus protection - THE UGLY  The World Health Organization (WHO) has appropriately declared that this epidemic is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Dr. Tedros, the WHO Director-General, and his team are working overtime to try to contain this current challenge. This requires that all parties in the world share information and cooperate in order to solve this quickly. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER China, however, is China. If the past is prologue, there is little confidence that China is sharing all the needed information, especially the number of cases and deaths. There are anecdotal reports that there are thousands of deaths in China that have yet to be reported to the international health community. Bugs are smart and have no respect for international or geographical boundaries. This is precisely why complete candor and sharing of information is vital to an appropriate response and conclusion of this epidemic.

mask for virus protection, One would think that the WHO would have the benefit of the world’s greatest knowledge and complete participation, especially at emergent times such as this. Sadly, due to politics, that is not the case. Taiwan has shown itself to be extremely responsible and transparent in its actions, especially in the area of medicine and science. Having had the privilege of visiting recently, the capacity of Taiwan to help formulate a vaccine or assist in other ways to help save lives and advance human engagement and intelligence at this time is remarkable.

mask for virus protection - CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP However, China and other nations refuse to allow the full and equitable participation of Taiwan in the WHO. This increases the danger for all of us and makes global health security in times of crisis that much more difficult. The U.S. has appropriately and rightly supported Taiwan in its stated goal to participate in all international organizations. Ending Chinese political opposition to this is an important step in making the world safer.

mask for virus protection - Finally, and to put this in context, the average number of deaths from the annual flu in the U.S. is 12,000 – 60,000. This year's estimates are that it will kill 35,000. So, the best thing you and your family can do is to get a flu shot every year. That will be the most helpful for all.