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n95 マスク と は, People wearing face masks ride a mostly empty subway train during the morning rush hour in Beijing, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020.  (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein) Those currently in China should consider departing using commercial means. The Department of State has requested that all non-essential U.S. government personnel defer travel to China in light of the novel coronavirus,  The advisory said. Vietnam stopped all flights to and from China. Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia all have similar policies to the U.S. on restricting non-citizens.

n95 マスク と は - Mongolia and Singapore have shut their borders. Singapore said it would ban travelers from China's Hubei province. Pakistan says they're halting all flights to and from China until Feb. 2. CORONAVIRUS DEATH IN PHILIPPINES SAID TO BE FIRST OUTSIDE CHINA The United Kingdom and New Zealand advised their people against nonessential travel to China. Russia has signed an order to close the border between them and China. They also blocked tour groups from China. China has cut off access to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, trapping more than 50 million people

n95 マスク と は, MORE AMERICANS TO BE EVACUATED FROM CHINA AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK: OFFICIALS Japan bars foreign nationals who had been to Hubei province. Carnival and Royal Carribean denying boarding of people who travel to China within 14 days. Italy suspended all flights to China. CORONAVIRUS: PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID US AUTHORITIES 'SHUT IT DOWN.' HERE'S WHAT THAT MEANS South Korea urged an increase in its level of caution to restraint when traveling to China. Hong Kong reduced half its flights and shut down rail service to mainland China.

n95 マスク と は - Delta suspended service to China on Feb. 6. United's pilots, concerned for their safety, were able to drop trips to China without pay, a union memo said, according to Reuters. American Airlines suspended L.A. flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing. The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which represents 15,000 pilots for American Airlines filed a lawsuit to halt service with the airline, citing “serious, and in many ways still unknown, health threats posed by the coronavirus. I am directing all APA pilots to cease flight operations between the United States and China, said APA president Eric Ferguson.  Until further notice, if you are scheduled, assigned, or reassigned a pairing into China, decline the assignment by calling your Chief Pilot or IOC Duty Pilot. Inform them you are declining in accordance with the CDC and WHO declarations.

n95 マスク と は - AMERICAN AIRLINES SUED OVER CORONAVIRUS BY PLOT SEEKING TO CANCEL US-CHINA FLIGHTS Delta suspending service on Feb 6. -- last flight on Monday. British Airways suspended all flights to and from mainland China. Virgin Atlantic suspending operations to Shanghai for two weeks. Lufthansa suspending flights to and from China until Feb. 9. Air India and Seoul Air halting all flights to the country. Egypt Air suspending all fights starting Feb. 1. Air France suspending all flights until Feb. 9. Finnair, Cathay Pacific, and Jetstar also stopping service.