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n95 mask in bangladesh, Lion Air canceled 50 flights to China into February. Air Canada suspending all direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FOX HEALTH NEWSLETTER  Kenya Airways suspends all flights to China. The Associated Press contributed to the report

n95 mask in bangladesh - Official death toll in China now exceeds SARS outbreak; analysis from Gordon Chang, author of 'The Coming Collapse of China.' Authorities in China say that 425 people have died from the coronavirus outbreak in that country, but one expert says that number represents a false estimate fabricated by a country notorious for secrecy and censorship. That number is far too low, Gordon Chang, author of the book The Coming Collapse of China,  said Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

n95 mask in bangladesh, There are two reasons for it. One of them... is deliberate falsification, Chang continued. This has been going on since the virus was first identified in December. But also there is something that's even more worrying. VATICAN RESPONDS TO CORONAVURS OUTBREAK BY GIVING CHINA HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MASKS Chang, who authored the book The Coming Collapse of China claimed that local authorities have just lost the ability to pick up corpses  due to a breakdown in government.

n95 mask in bangladesh - So really what we are having right now is, they are completely overwhelmed, he added. They are not able to keep accurate statistics. So what we are witnessing is essentially a breakdown in government and keeping accurate statistics is a very minor part of their priorities right now. TAIWAN DEALS WITH 10 CORONAVIRUS CASES Citizens of Wuhan, ground zero for the virus which reportedly originated from an animal and seafood market, remain under quarantine as officials attempt to secure the area containing more than 50 million people.

n95 mask in bangladesh - Chang said that while he understands the preventative measure, he believes the quarantine has made the problem worse. I can understand why they want to quarantine but remember, the Wuhan mayor said about 5 million people from his city left before the quarantine was imposed, he said. Also right now the quarantine has aggravated a problem and that is [that] people can't get to hospitals, so they are at home...they are dying. They are infecting other people in their households because they are not, in a sense, quarantined from wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, he continued.