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n95 mask india, AMERICAN AIRLINES SUED OVER CORONAVIRUS BY PLOT SEEKING TO CANCEL US-CHINA FLIGHTS Delta suspending service on Feb 6. -- last flight on Monday. British Airways suspended all flights to and from mainland China. Virgin Atlantic suspending operations to Shanghai for two weeks. Lufthansa suspending flights to and from China until Feb. 9. Air India and Seoul Air halting all flights to the country. Egypt Air suspending all fights starting Feb. 1. Air France suspending all flights until Feb. 9. Finnair, Cathay Pacific, and Jetstar also stopping service.

n95 mask india - Lion Air canceled 50 flights to China into February. Air Canada suspending all direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FOX HEALTH NEWSLETTER  Kenya Airways suspends all flights to China. The Associated Press contributed to the report

n95 mask india, Chinese officials have confirmed more than 11,200 cases of the coronavirus; Infectious disease expert Dr. Amesh Adalja weighs in. China's Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the U.S. has failed to give China any substantive help in its fight against the coronavirus outbreak and instead contributed to the international panic surrounding the illness, a report said. China said it is unreasonable that the U.S. is preventing people from entering its borders, according to Reuters. The virus thus far is blamed in 361 deaths and 17,205 infections, mainly in the area around Wuhan, China, the virus' epicenter. The foreign ministry added that some countries, like the U.S., overreacted to the outbreak and Beijing hopes nations around the world begin to make reasonable, calm and science-based judgments, the report said.

n95 mask india - All it has done could only create and spread fear, which is a bad example, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, according to the news agency. He said countries like the U.S. have strong epidemic prevention capabilities and facilities, but instead of following World Health Organization guidelines, the U.S. concentrated on travel restrictions. Trump said in an exclusive interview with Fox News on Thursday that his administration is working closely with China during the deadly coronavirus outbreak and said the U.S. was in great shape thus far in dealing with the illness.

n95 mask india - Speaking before his rally in Des Moines, Trump said he was dealing very closely with China. TRUMP SAYS US WORKING CLOSELY WITH CHINA ON CORONAVIRUS We are in great shape. China is not in great shape right now, unfortunately. But they’re working very hard, Trump said. We’ll see what happens. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries. CHINA SLAMS TRUMP'S CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL LIMITS: 'NOT A GESTURE OF GOODWILL' There are now 11 confirmed cases in the U.S. as of Monday morning. although no deaths have been reported. There are six cases of infected in California, one in Arizona, one in Washington state, one in Massachusetts and two in Illinois.