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n95 respirator face mask near me, The outbreak has prompted several countries – including some African countries, namely Nigeria – to implement more rigorous health screenings at airports. But China’s health minister said over the weekend that he believes virus can spread during the incubation period, sparking fears that it can be more easily passed on than previously thought. National Health Minister Ma Xiaowei made the comments at a press briefing on Sunday and said that information on the virus was limited, making many risks unclear. The incubation period for the novel coronavirus, identified by health officials as 2019-nCoV, can range from one to 14 days, during which it is infectious, he said. While the virus was first linked to a large seafood and animal market in Wuhan, officials have since determined that it’s transmissible between humans.

n95 respirator face mask near me - CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK STRANDS 100 AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL CHILDREN IN WUHAN: REPORT Ma said the country was entering a “crucial” stage in the response efforts as “it seems like the ability of the virus to spread is getting stronger.” Fox News' Alexandria Hein contributed to this report. 

n95 respirator face mask near me, Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in as the death toll rises in China. At least five major fast food and coffee chains have temporarily halted operations at some locations in the Wuhan, China, area amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has already claimed the lives of at least 81 victims while over 50 million people remain on lockdown in 17 Chinese cities. On Friday, McDonald's and Starbucks announced they had temporarily suspended business at select locations in the Wuhan area, the capital at the Hubei province, in hopes of preventing the virus’ spread.

n95 respirator face mask near me - CRUISE LINES CANCEL DEPARTURES FROM CHINA AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK For the time being, operations have ceased at McDonald’s restaurants in Wuhan, Ezhou, Huanggang, Qianjiang, and Xiantao, Business Insider reports. A woman wears a face mask and she uses her smartphone as she sits next to a statue of Ronald McDonald at a McDonald's restaurant in Suzhou in eastern China's Jiangsu Province on Jan. 26. (Chinatopix via AP) Masks are urgently being distributed so that very soon all crews across the country will be wearing them, a spokesperson for McDonald's said. “Internal communications are enhanced for promoting more frequent hand washing and disinfection, as well as helping employees to have a greater general understanding of epidemic prevention.

n95 respirator face mask near me - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER Throughout the rest of the province where its restaurants still operate, McDonald's is also reportedly taking the temperature of its employees when they arrive at work, and sending anyone with a fever or cold symptoms home, the Associated Press reports. Delivery drivers are required to wear masks, while workers are being instructed to disinfect high-contact surfaces like tables, chairs, door handles and self-ordering kiosks more frequently than usual.